The Malana Power Company Ltd. and its employees are committed to give back to the society, both locally and globally. Accordingly, the company directs its resources.

The project is being developed in accordance with environmental and social safeguard policies issued by IFC. Washington. In addition to planting 1,000 fruit plants, MPCL has also planted 10,000 tree saplings and
74,000 medicinal plants in the Catchment Area of the plant.

The company has adopted strategies to concentrate efforts on development of strong infrastructure and support systems in Chowki, Doonkara and nearby Malana Villages. Permanent metallic roads are built connecting Jari to Chowki up to the foothill of Malana. Another important link is established by making a bridge over the river Parvati, which provides the much needed connectivity to important places.

Healthcare is an area of prime concern in the Malana Power Company Ltd. In the vicinity of the manufacturing units, the company has set up several hospitals, mobile dispensaries and so on. All the hospitals have qualified doctors and provide free medication. The company has helped in the construction of an X- ray building in the Government Healthcare Centre and maintaining an acupressure dispensary.

The company is committed to work for the welfare of society and often holds meetings with the Gram Panchayat and Self Help Groups in the area to understand the needs of the people. Activities like construction of roads, footpaths, cremation ground, Red Cross building, foot bridge and the construction of private houses are undertaken on a regular basis.

The company has been sponsoring sports and cultural activities in order to offer entertainment to the people. For the spiritual development of the people, the group has also donated towards religious festivals and temples. The company has donated a significant amount for several activities including the Red Cross Mela at Kullu, District Athletics Meet and Karate Championship; cultural programmes at Jari, Kashada, Chowki and the annual function of Jari School.

The Group regards education as the backbone of a nation and takes various initiatives to impart quality education to the young generation. The Group has set up a number of schools near its manufacturing units to provide quality education to the children of the employees and the inhabitants of surrounding areas. The company maintains a regular teaching staff on its role.

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