Kullu District, Himachal Pradesh, India

Installed capacity

86 MW

Type Run-of-river
Average annual output

350 GWh

Gross head 480 m
Design flow 26 m3/sec
Equipment Two 43 MW vertical 6-jet
Pelton units
850 m steel penstock
Surface powerhouse
Commercial operation

July 2001

Capital cost

70 M US$

Power purchase Merchant power plant

Current PPA with PTC, India

Ownership Bhilwara Group 51%
Other equity owners Statkraft , Norway 49%
Partner Statkraft , Norway
Financing Local Indian Banks
Greenhouse gas saving Est. 200 000 tonnes pa
Size of the reservoir 235,000 cubic meters
Design discharge 21 cubic meters/sec
Diameter of the penstock 2.2 meters
Number of head race tunnel One - 3,300 m long
Size of the powerhouse 55 mx18.7 mx28.9 m
Type of turbines Pelton, vertical axis
Generating units 2 of 43 MW
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