MPCL at a Glance

A landmark project that has created a revolution in the future of private participation in hydroelectric power generation. The project has set up several benchmarks in the industry.


The 86 MW Malana Hydroelectric Plant is located at a distance of 500 kms. from Delhi by road and it is 24 km away from the Bhuntar airport. Water is collected at the plant’s intake which consists of a barrage head regulator, a desilter, and a small concrete dam reservoir. Water is transferred via an underground headrace tunnel and steel surface penstock into the power house located at Chauki village. Power is transmitted to the Bajaura connection point of Himachal Pradesh State via a high voltage transmission line built by the Plant.


The Plant helps to meet the power shortages in the Northern region, presently estimated at some 1500 MW. From November to May, it is operated as a peaking plant. During this season, the plant is expected to operate about 4 hours per day. In the rest of the year, which is the summer and rainy season (June-October) it is operated as a base load plant.


The Malana Hydropower Plant was commissioned in July 2001. The construction works commenced in January 1999 and it included several Indian contracts for civil works. The major electromechanical works were supplied by BHEL.

  • Innovative design & creative scheduling. Reduction in scheduled completion time to 2.5 years as against a normal 5 years.
  • Efficient and early commissioning, leading to lower than normal costs.
  • Out of eight projects allocated through the MOU route by the Govt. of H.P., Malana 86 MW is the only project to be completed ahead of time